Anthony Greer

Product Development Writer, Marketing Copywriter, B2B Marketing Writer

Seattle Freelance Content Marketer

You have a growing business with a million different hats to wear.

Content writing doesn’t have to be one of them.

I’m Anthony, and I help product development and marketing companies connect with their end-users. 

marketing writer

You’ve worked hard to perfect your product or service. You deserve to work with a meticulous writer who can spotlight them with well-crafted prose.

As a seasoned journalist, I know how to ask the right questions to find your unique selling proposition. Your customers are out there. With content custom-tailored for your targeted audience, they’ll be able to find you.

Properly written web content has been proven to increase SEO ranking and increase a company’s consumer base. With me, you get a driven content writer and an experienced marketing manager. You also get a business management graduate who is eager to work with a company like yours. 

Product Development 


There are millions of great products out there, so how do you make yours stand out? Content marketing for products, services, and the companies that develop them is needed now more than ever. With savvy blog posts, inspiring articles, smart branding, and the right keywords, I can give your products or services the edge they need to rise above the competition.

Marketing Copywriter


Consumers’ average attention span is now 8 seconds. 

Still reading?

Headlines and hooks may be your only opportunities to draw a reader in. Intriguing, readable content is how you keep them. 

Comprehension + Creativity = 

An Interested Consumer. 

B2B Marketing Writer


Tone, word choice, format, and expression all speak to your perspective and attitude in business writing. Reaching your audience is important, but you also have to know how to guide them. I write using concise, effective language while making sure that is it conveyed appropriately.

Contact me at or (206) 375-0934

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