How to Use Topic Clusters to Nurture Leads

Topic clusters provide a simple, highly-effective way to nurture leads with more content. Not only is the information that they provide tailored to their buyer’s persona, but they also give every blog, article, and any other content in your cluster an SEO boost in the process. This shows your lead that you’re not only an […]

Does Functional Medicine Work? The Importance of Holistic Medicine

functional medicine

Sir William Osler, one of the first Physicians-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, once said that “the good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” Functional medicine isn’t a new concept. Its roots are derived from modern scientific medicine and functional medicine clinics are living by […]

Direct Primary Care: Quality Care that Cuts Costs

Direct primary care

  Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative medical philosophy that completely eliminates third party insurance and redefines the physician-patient relationship. According to Qliance Medical Management, Inc., patients enrolled in a Direct Primary Care program have on average: 80% fewer surgeries, 62% fewer references to specialists, 59% fewer ER visits, and Spend 30% fewer days […]

7 Cost-Saving Ways to Plan Your Housewarming

Moving is never as cheap or as easy as we expect it to be. You have to account for cleaning costs, U-Haul’s, security deposits—and that’s all before you actually move in! By the time your boxes are (mostly) unpacked, you’ve bought new furniture, and you’ve transformed empty space into a home, you’re probably overwhelmed by […]

Why White Papers Are So Damn Good at Converting

white paper converting

Why White Papers Are So Damn Good at Converting White papers have served as a relevant, influential form of content marketing since the 19th century. While other marketing strategies have come and gone, white papers show no signs of going anywhere. Not only have they survived through the technological revolution, but they have also weathered […]

Your Company: As Judged By Your Marketing Funnel

Success is rarely coincidental. The companies that enjoy large ROIs are usually the companies that have developed well thought out strategies for every stage and every process. They have toiled over the designs of their products, can tell you a hundred reasons why their product is superior to that of their competitors, and know buyer […]