How to Use Colors Effectively in Content Marketing

Ever since artists combined chalk, charcoal, soil, and animal fat to create a basic palette 40,000 years ago, colors have been used to create a mood and feeling. Color is used to influence how we view our surroundings and elicits a variety of emotions. Think about the Coca-Cola logo. One of the first things that […]

How to Stay on Task While Working Remotely

Technology is making it easier for more people to work remotely. You can partake in a video conference without leaving your living room, reply to emails at while enjoying a latte at a local café, and use cloud collaboration software from the deck chair of your hotel pool. Unfortunately, you’re also prone to distractions that […]

Wolfe and the Vine


The Sequoia Grove Winery in Napa Valley has combined forces with Seattle-based nature photographer Art Wolfe to launch Cambium. This limited-edition red Bordeaux blend available for presale in April. “Art Wolfe is the first person we sought to reach out,” Faden said. One of the reasons is because most of the proceeds will be going toward forest preservation, something that both […]

Hal Sparks Launches a Charmaggedon

Hal Sparks article posted on Seattle Gay News Hal Sparks performs at the Nordstrom Recital Theatre today at 8:00 pm. “I deal with pop culture and sociopolitical issues, but I do it in a way that is palatable. I’m a big fan of inclusion,” Sparks said. “The nice thing about my act is that it’s all new, […]

Why We STILL Need Queer Youth Space

                  Article posted on Seattle Gay News In July the City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund Program approved of an 80-page grant proposal. This gives a separate committee of the Queer Youth Space known as the Three Wings $100,000 to open the safe space that many queer youths had […]

Rugby Star Ben Cohen takes a Stand

                Ben Cohen article posted in Seattle Gay News British rugby star Ben Cohen visited Seattle this past weekend as part of his tour to promote the StandUp Foundation.   StandUp “The StandUp Foundation is meant to help stop bullying in the LGBT community. It’s about making a difference,” Cohen […]

Jeremiah Clark promotes “Just Another Sad Song”


Jeremiah Clark article posted on Seattle Gay News Singer/songwriter Jeremiah Clark will be headlining a public outdoor House Concert in downtown Seattle on June 19. Clark’s album, “Just Another Sad Song,” is the openly gay artist’s first full-length album and his second headlining tour, where he will be playing in a mixture of house concerts, LGBT centers, and […]

Gay in America: A First-of-a-Kind Coffee Table Book

Article Posted on Seattle Gay News Gay in America, the first photo book depicting the lives of average gay men across all 50 states and shot and assembled by Scott Pasfield, hits stores on September 27. The book contains the stories of gay men, fathers, brothers, and friends. Pasfield shot over the course of three years and covers a […]

Before Glee there was Diverse Harmony

            Diverse Harmony article posted in Seattle Gay News Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is music to the ear of a listener. In its thirteen two-concert seasons, the 58-member Diverse Harmony chorus has performed music that has opened the hearts and minds of communities while […]