One of them will never forget.

The other may be a murderer.

Alexis Kearns stares into the glowering eyes of Jack Calderan with nothing but a layer of protected glass between them. With three months passed and no new leads, she isn’t happy to see him so smug. She’s even less enthused to hear that he’s no longer on suicide watch and that he’s made friends on the inside.

On the outside, a new murder has shaken Seattle to the core. A college girl is the victim of a brutal ritual sacrifice, and she may be the only lead. Robert is approached by Forester for help in reaching out to the newly deceased, but even with Carla’s assistance, he’s unable to make contact with her. When he sees the photos of the murder and a symbol spray painted on a wall, Robert recalls a reoccurring dream that he had after seeing the sign above Alaster’s shop that caused him to get into an accident. Somehow Robert has seen this murder scene before, and he and Alexis must unite again in order to prevent more deaths from occurring. As the two revert to their very different investigative styles, they both draw the same conclusion: not only are there more victims, but some of them are crucially connected to the medium suicides.