Wolfe and the Vine

The Sequoia Grove Winery in Napa Valley has combined forces with Seattle-based nature photographer Art Wolfe to launch Cambium, a limited-edition red Bordeaux blend available for presale in April. “Art Wolfe is the first person we sought to reach out,” Faden said. One of the reasons is because most of the proceeds will be going toward forest preservation, something that both […]

Hal Sparks Launches a Charmaggedon

Article posted on Seattle Gay News Hal Sparks performs at the Nordstrom Recital Theatre today at 8:00 pm. Best known for playing the role of Michael Novotny on Queer as Folk and for his commentary on VH1’s pop culture hit series I Love the 80s, Sparks spoke with SGN about his career as comedian/actor/musician and what fans […]

Why We STILL Need Queer Youth Space

                  Article posted on Seattle Gay News In July the City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund Program approved of an 80-page grant proposal. This gives a separate committee of the Queer Youth Space known as the Three Wings $100,000 to open the safe space that many queer youths had […]

Rugby Star Ben Cohen takes a Stand

                Article posted in Seattle Gay News British rugby star Ben Cohen visited Seattle this past weekend as part of his tour to promote the StandUp Foundation. “The StandUp Foundation is meant to help stop bullying in the LGBT community. It’s about making a difference,” Cohen said. “It’s about standing […]

Jeremiah Clark promotes “Just Another Sad Song”

Article posted on Seattle Gay News Singer/songwriter Jeremiah Clark will be headlining a public outdoor House Concert in downtown Seattle on June 19. Clark’s album, “Just Another Sad Song,” is the openly gay artist’s first full-length album and his second headlining tour, where he will be playing in a mixture of house concerts, LGBT centers, and other venues. […]

Gay in America: A First-of-a-Kind Coffee Table Book

Article Posted on Seattle Gay News Gay in America, the first photo book depicting the lives of average gay men across all 50 states and shot and assembled by Scott Pasfield, hits stores on September 27. The book contains the stories of gay men, fathers, brothers, and friends that Pasfield shot over the course of three years and covers a […]

How to Successfully Implement Culture and Change

                        Understanding Both Cultures   As an organizational consultant tasked with Endothon’s acquisition of Techfite, it’s important to be mindful of the differences in both company’s structures and cultures. This will help find the best way for Techfite’s clan culture-based employees to smoothly integrate with Endothon’s more market-fixated […]

E-Publishing: Breaking through the Consignment’s Confinement

  A long, long, long time ago, when there was a second Bush in the White House and the Simpsons were up to season 364, aspiring authors could only their books publishing if they followed the consignment model. Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone, and the founder of the WANA (We Are Not Alone) movement, describes […]

Rise of the Indie Author

Now is the time to be a self-publishing entrepreneur in the industry because of the rise of independent publishing companies, the low cost of starting a publishing company to publish works, and the ability to have greater control in the industry than ever before. The path to publishing success is accessible to those with a […]

Solar: Our Best Energy Solution

            Article posted on Medium.com If the government fails to limit greenhouse gasses by 2030, profound global warming will be impossible to prevent. The countdown and gravity of such an event make choosing an alternative energy source to fossil fuels increasingly more important. Solar energy is a pollution-free, natural alternative, […]