Influence Marketing: How to Turn Your Customers into Brand Ambassadors

influence marketing

In the old days of influence marketing, you watch a YouTube celebrity eat a stink bug on a dare, then open up a can of Coke’s new flavor. After going “mmm,” he would talk about its refreshing taste and other key points as if reading from a script. The YouTuber could then expect a sizable […]

Which Type of Organizational Culture Best Fits Your Creative Team?

organizational culture

  Whether your company is a small startup or a massive corporation, every business has a type of organizational culture. Some of them focus on flexibility and discretion, while other workplace cultures fixate on stability and control. The culture of an organization can have an internal or external focus and may value integration or differentiation. […]

6 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

measure marketing campaign

Companies both small and big have access to the world’s most influential marketing tool: the internet. The web helps level the playing field, giving advantages to companies who know how to use it. A small business with a tiny marketing budget but a successful marketing campaign can outshine its much wealthier competitor. The average business […]

Why Mid-Funnel Marketing is so Important

mid-funnel marketing

Why is Middle of the Marketing Funnel So Important? Think of the marketing funnel as your audience. The top of the funnel represents everyone that is aware of your brand. Marketers use a variety of tactics and channels to grab a potential customer’s attention. They cast their fishing lines in the water, hoping for a […]

How to Use Colors Effectively in Content Marketing Ever since artists combined chalk, charcoal, soil, and animal fat to create a basic palette 40,000 years ago, colors have been used to create a mood and feeling. Color is used to influence how we view our surroundings and elicits a variety of emotions. Think about the Coca-Cola logo. One of the first things […]

How to Stay on Task While Working Remotely

Technology is making it easier for more people to work remotely. You can partake in a video conference without leaving your living room, reply to emails at while enjoying a latte at a local café, and use cloud collaboration software from the deck chair of your hotel pool. Unfortunately, you’re also prone to distractions that […]

Why I Write

I would be lying if I said that I’m not bashful about creating this site.  While not necessarily shy, I only had acquaintances until 8th grade when my neighbor, Amanda Troyer, thought I was friend-worthy.  Before then it was just myself and the pages I filled. Writing is and has always been a very personal, […]