Shaun Knittel

“Anthony Greer seamlessly weaves together complex ideas with beautiful color. Whether penning a work of fiction or reporting or on assignment as a journalist, Greer is a dependable and thoughtful writer.  Capable, concise, tried-and-true are all words that best describe Greer’s character, approach to each project he takes on, and are a testament to his talent as a published writer.” – Shaun Knittel, Seattle Gay News Associate Editor

Steven Bradford

“As a student of mine at Seattle Film Institute, Anthony Greer quickly stood out as the writer of the class. Few realize that film school is as much about writing as it is about filming. It all starts with words, from elevator pitch to treatment, to script to press releases. While others debate lenses, digital tech, and directors, Anthony writes and writes– scripts, articles, and novels. I enjoy reading Anthony’s prose, and even when in a fantastic setting, it’s always about REAL people.” – Steven Bradford, Seattle Film Institute

Contact me at anthonyegreer@gmail.com or (206) 375-0934

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