About Me

Why I’m the Freelance Writer You’re Looking For…

I find your target audience.

Freelance writing fuses together two of the three things that I love the most: writing and helping people (the third is my partner). Seven years in journalism taught me the importance of not only knowing your targeted audience but also how to grab and hold their attention. You may not click on this headline: Jack Connelly Eats a Sandwich for Lunch Every Day, but you’ll likely be intrigued by 18 Sandwiches Jack Connelly Insists You Must Try. And you’ll probably want a sandwich.

I find what makes you stand out.

As a storyteller, I can find the unique selling proposition for businesses, products, and people. I know that what makes something original is how it stands out. One of my favorite hobbies is to take an overused Hollywood plot and make it new and interesting. Those skills seamlessly translate into content writing, marketing, and the variety of other services that I can provide.

Anthony Greer and John

I’m a marketing strategist.

In tandem with writing, I have worked as a marketing manager and have 10+ years in the customer service industry. As a bar manager, I conducted research to figure out how to improve my company’s sales, then designed and implemented a plan that increased revenue by 80% within a year. This inspired me to earn a degree in Business Management.

I’m a certified copy editor.

I have written two (and a half) books. My debut novel, The Messengers, has nearly 10,000 downloads, but early reviews of the book came back with complaints of punctuation and grammar errors. To fix them, I studied at the Poynter News Institute and became a certified copy editor. Since then, I have added editing to the list of services that I provide.

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