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Hal Sparks article posted on Seattle Gay News

Hal Sparks performs at the Nordstrom Recital Theatre today at 8:00 pm.

“I deal with pop culture and sociopolitical issues, but I do it in a way that is palatable. I’m a big fan of inclusion,” Sparks said. “The nice thing about my act is that it’s all new, and it changes all the time.”

Charmageddon, Sparks’ one-hour Showtime stand-up comedy special, was released last summer and is now a best-selling DVD. Among the subjects of Charmageddon were gay rights, being sex-positive, and equality for women.

“The goal of my career has always been to release a stand-up special about every year and a half,” Sparks said. “I want to be somebody while also making jokes can add to be public dialogue.”

You can also hear him on his Wednesday radio show Hump Days with Hal.

“I also do a Saturday show in Chicago now (Chicago Progressive Talk), and I video stream the show so that people can both listen and watch it. Across the board, it’s a great political outlet. It’s great for me to have so that I can deal with those issues on a serious note so that when I go to stand up I can lighten things up a bit.”


Sparks’ History as a Comedian

Sparks has come a long way since he started his career as a comedian. He moved from Kentucky to Chicago at the age of 14 and jumped at the chance to join the Second City Troupe.

“In my opinion, it’s the greatest acting school you can go to. Second City is famous the world over. The original SNL cast came from there,” Sparks said.

From there he moved to LA and began performing in a variety of comedy clubs including The Ice House, The Comedy Store, The Improv, and the Laugh Factory before landing a job as the host of E!’s Emmy award-winning show Talk Soup.

“I auditioned for talk soup for five years. I kept coming back and kept coming back and in the fifth year what got me the job was that I stopped acting like I wanted it so bad,” Sparks explained, “I kinda did a throwaway audition. I’m just going to go in and enjoy myself. I’m going to make myself laugh, write some jokes, and be a bit of a dick.”

Sparks’ experience with Talk Soup wasn’t quite what he expected. “[It was as] if your dream came true but it had fishhooks in it. There are elements you’re not too aware of when you’re just shooting for it. I had to learn a lot about managing expectations and delivering a good show. However, the benefit of being on TV and funny every day was worth it. It was an amazing gift.”


Queer as Folk

Sparks stepped outside of his comedic bubble and played the comic book-loving Michael Novotny in Showtime’s Queer as Folk.

“I came into the show with the sympathies and respect for the gay community that I’ve always had. As an adult, I’ve always believed in equal rights and am supportive of my gay friends. I wanted them to be treated with respect and equality that they deserved. I’m very surprised that I was able to be a part of a project that would lead to that,” Sparks said, “The show’s writing was solid. The story felt like it had to be told. This has worth… this is going to help human beings that I’ll never meet. It’s very seldom that you get a script that you think people some good.”

Sparks added that he was grateful to play a character with an actual arc, going from being Brian Kinney’s best friend/follower to becoming a leader in his community with an HIV positive husband and adopted a teenage son. “As an actor, it was very satisfying to play it and to see it play out. It might even be an instruction manual for people who found themselves in the same situation.”

In addition to his acting credits, stand-up routines and radio shows, Sparks is also in a band, Zero 1, which got a record deal with Rocket Science. He’s also  on the pilot for a new Disney Channel series Lab Rats.

“My career is in constant rotation,” Sparks then added, “but as far as stand-up goes, I’ll never stop doing it.”

For more information on Hal Sparks, you can follow him on Twitter and his website www.halsparks.com.

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