Wolfe and the Vine


The Sequoia Grove Winery in Napa Valley has combined forces with Seattle-based nature photographer Art Wolfe to launch Cambium. This limited-edition red Bordeaux blend available for presale in April.

“Art Wolfe is the first person we sought to reach out,” Faden said. One of the reasons is because most of the proceeds will be going toward forest preservation, something that both Wolfe and the winery are passionate about.

“Their values are my values,” Wolfe said. “The level of production of their wines is what I try to do with my art. There was a correlating ideal between the two of us.”

Wolfe’s Career


During Wolfe’s 30-year long career he has worked on every continent. He has shot more than half a million images recording the world’s fast-disappearing wildlife, landscapes, and native-cultures. William Conway, the former president of the Wildlife Conservation Society, considers Wolfe as “the most prolific and sensitive recorder of a rapidly vanishing natural world.” He has also released over sixty books and has had multiple television productions. “Art Wolfe’s Travels on the Edge,” reached 180,000 viewers in the USA alone.

Cambium Wine

350 cases of the wine itself going for $99 in April. Then, the price will increase to $140 in September when it becomes more widely available. The subscribers of the first 200 cases will also receive a limited edition 11×17 Art Wolfe print of the vineyard.

Michael Trujillo, the president and director of winemaking of the Sequoia Grove Winery, had his choice of the finest grapes in Napa Valley when making this limited-edition wine. He felt that there were very few grapes could meet the specifications that the winery was looking for.

“It makes it a little harder to get. A lot of the finer things are,” Alyssa Faden, a member of the Sequoia Grove team, said.

Wolfe described the print that will go along with the first 200 cases as a “shot of the grove photographed at sunset when the mist is coming in. It’s almost like a painting.”

“It’s a different perspective than what most people think of when they think of wineries,” Faden added. “Not only will you have this experience this but you will also have a piece of artwork to show for that. It makes it even more special than it already is. You get to enjoy fine wine from Napa Valley, enjoy looking at fine art and also do your part for the environment. It’s a really nice feeling all around.”

“People will feel mellow from the wine but also good in their hearts,” Wolfe added.

To purchase the Cambium wine when it becomes available, contact Cambium@kobrand.com.

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