Vitamin D: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever

The sunshine vitamin, also known as vitamin D, has been famous for years. It impacts bone health, teeth health, joint health, heart health, metabolism, inflammation, and immune health. The evidence is becoming clear that vitamin D levels matter now more than ever because of the immune supportive effects. In fact, it’s key for innate immunity […]

Start with Brand Messaging, Get Free Support During Quarantine

Douglas Spencer of Spencer Brenneman Many businesses are evolving in new and fascinating ways by taking advantage of the virtual world while we’re stuck indoors. Douglas Spencer of Spencer Brenneman is here to help keep your brand messaging in line.  “I help organizations really come to terms with and articulate who they are at their […]

Quarantine Memes to Get You Through the Day

It’s been nearly a month for many who have been told to “stay at home” or “shelter in place.” With physical distancing in place, social media platforms are busier than ever – and just as contentious. Thankfully, in-between posts of people screaming about politics or sharing grim updates about covid-19, there are memes that make […]

Laura Su of LS Training Takes Her Workout Routines Online

With the gyms closed, sticking with your workout routines is more challenging than ever. This year, getting or staying in shape for summer is an online endeavor. Luckily, Laura Su of LS Training is here to help.  Laura specializes in fitness education, nutrition education, and strength training. “I try to help clear the waters because […]

7 Things You Should Still Be Doing While Quarantined

Being quarantined makes it really easy for us to let go a little. If you live with one or two people, they’re probably already used to your bad habits like going a day or two without showering or listening to Nickelback (not ironically). If you’re flying solo, you might be taking this opportunity to be […]

Stir Crazy Yet? Here’s How Time Management Can Help

Time management doesn’t sound solution, but if this resembles your day-to-day life, keep reading… Photo by Paolo Nicolello Have you been: Wearing the same sweatpants since last Thursday, Spending more time online than asleep, or Getting addicted to this Smores cereal that I discovered that’s basically crack and gorging yourself on more and more is literally […]

How to Use Topic Clusters to Nurture Leads

Topic clusters provide a simple, highly-effective way to nurture leads with more content. Not only is the information that they provide tailored to their buyer’s persona, but they also give every blog, article, and any other content in your cluster an SEO boost in the process. This shows your lead that you’re not only an […]

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