Company Rebrand: Emily’s Story

Emily's Story

Emily enjoys the bustle of her city but has always preferred the comfort of her home. Now that she’s happily married with three kids of her own, she has a newfound love of the products that remind her of her childhood.

Patchwork quilts remind her of the ones grandma made and used to tuck her into bed. She smiles fondly now at fringe throw blankets, recalling how she and her brothers used them as capes and fought crime all around the living room. Decorative storage boxes once contained her collection of Barbie dolls and can now hold her daughters’ American Girl doll apparel.

Emily looks at life through a whole new lens. While she is a modern woman, she cherishes the traditions that gave her so many happy memories and wants her children to enjoy life the way she did when she was growing up.

Even as a kid, Emily always wanted to either be a teacher or a nurse because both jobs would allow her to help others. When she’s not working, she loves to take her family out to locally-owned clothing stores and Mom-and-Pop restaurants. She loves to binge watch HGTV on Saturday mornings while finding new recipes in her favorite magazines and cooking websites. On Sundays, Emily can be found at the farmer’s market buying natural produce and trying a new jalapeno strawberry jam.

She lets her kids play video games and watch TV, but not too much. She wants them to enjoy the real world and play freeze tag in their backyard. Sometimes she even joins with them, as long as the house isn’t too much of a mess.

Emily has a couple credit cards but pays them off before they get too out of hand. She could be a little more responsible with money but prefers to occasionally splurge on things that paint broad smiles on children’s faces.

Everything now and then, Emily becomes obsessed with something “cute.” She almost bought a tiny house, but thankfully her husband talked her out of it. Her new obsession is DIY, even though she doesn’t have time for it. She has a mental list of renovation plans that she will eventually get too, but she prefers to spend that time with her family. A new wooden floor can wait.

Emily gets excited about Christmas every year. Her mother and grandmother used to trade off who would host everyone and prepare a feast. Now, she and her mother cook dinners at Emily’s while sharing fond stories of her grandmother.

Last Christmas, her mother gifted Emily the patchwork quilt that her grandmother used to tuck her into bed. Emily cried for six minutes. She told her children about the adventures she and her brothers had at grandmas, and that night she snuggled with her youngest child and used the quilt as their blanket. She never felt more at home.

Brand Promise:


Our commitment to customers through this brand.

(Company Name) offers customers a familiar feel in a modern world with homespun décor that serves as a refreshing antidote to fast-paced living and the mass market style.

Brand Traits







But never

primitive or dated.





But never simple

 or plain.





But never






But never 






But never timid or 


Brand Differentiators:


Our commonalities relate us, but our differences elevate us. The unique qualities of our brand distinguish us from the competition. Our Brand Differentiators are not goals, they are promises, and as part of our brand strategy, they are written for an internal audience.



Marriage of Modern and Tradition

There are countless ways to create a space that says “country.” We eschew synthetic, cookie-cutter spaces in favor of those marked by creativity, grace, and personality. Our brand caters to contemporary consumers who can live in the city but love the country. They value the home-style feel of a quilt handmade be their grandmother and enjoy décor that offers a sense of calm after a fast-paced day.


Exceptional Quality

We strive only to create the highest-quality of products that are suitable for all seasons. Our quilts and throws to designed to be machine washable for easy care, while our storage suitcases and containers combine vintage with luxury and sturdy enough to fit the needs of our consumers.


Natural Beauties

A revved-up interest in all things organic isn’t limited to what we eat—our homes are also becoming more earth-based and eco-conscious. With natural textiles, reclaimed materials, and handcrafted extras, we help create country rooms that are authentic and soulful.


Clear and Trustworthy

Our policies on returns, exchanges, and cancellations are straightforward and easily found on our website, and our shipping costs are clearly stated. For any questions or concerns, our customers can always contact us and receive a quick reply.


Love and Memories

Our customers deserve high-quality products that make they feel joy and a sense of calm. Our homes may be messy, imperfect, and in need of repairs, but they surely have on thing in common. These places are cozy, comfortable, and familiar. They are filled with love and memories.



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