EZ-Pleeze Executive Summary

This report summarizes EZ-Pleeze’s strategic plan, its SWOT analysis, and its strategic recommendations. 

EZ-Pleeze strives to become one of the top three companies in the processed chicken and beef industry. Its strong research and development department leads the market in innovations, and it has strong branding on a national level. EZ-Pleeze has products in more than half of the fast food restaurant chains in the United States, and many of these chains are looking to expand internationally, which will allow for EZ-Pleeze to get their products into the global market when the time comes.

EZ-Pleeze produces value-based products with consistent profit margins. It also has an adhocratic culture that allows the company to focus on its innovation and growth and isn’t afraid to take risks. EZ-Pleeze also has a positive image brand and is a good corporate citizen this is often involved in philanthropies and volunteerism. However, with the CEO stepping down and recent negative publicity spurned by new government and labor regulations, the company needs to reevaluate its strategy. The profit margins are consistent but thin, and when EZ-Pleeze entered the market during a downturn, its aggressive spending decisions caused the company to nearly go bankrupt.

There are several opportunities that EZ-Pleeze can take advantage of in the immediate future. First off, one of the company’s beef competitors is closing their operations at the end of the year, and they are competing for grocery store retail chains. With strong marketing and advertising budgets, EZ-Pleeze can outdo competitors. However, EZ-Pleeze lacks a global presence, and the visibility and branding efforts made by competitors like Yellow Down Foods and Beefchix Industries will make it difficult for EZ-Pleeze to achieve a competitive advantage. 

After researching the strategic plan and SWOT analysis for EZ-Pleeze, there are three strategic recommendations for EZ-Pleeze: to create a clear chain of succession, to use competitors as benchmarks, and to focus on a national level, then a global one. Creating a clear chain of succession smooths the transition process whenever a CEO or a director leaves the company.

By using competitors like Yellow Down Foods and Beefchix Industries as benchmarks, they will have a stronger understanding of their competitors, decide what’s made them successes or failures, and determine their future actions. It is also important to focus on strengthening EZ-Pleeze’s brand nationally, then globally. EZ-Pleeze is going through a transition and must harness what it does well to further promote their brand on a national level and focus on further diversifying its portfolio, fixating on retail grocery chains. A stronger brand and national presence will make EZ-Pleeze more prepared when the fast food restaurant chains go from a national to international level. The faster EZ-Pleeze improves itself nationally, the better it will be prepared to enter the international market when the time comes.

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