Jeremiah Clark promotes “Just Another Sad Song”


Jeremiah Clark article posted on Seattle Gay News

Singer/songwriter Jeremiah Clark will be headlining a public outdoor House Concert in downtown Seattle on June 19.

Clark’s album, “Just Another Sad Song,” is the openly gay artist’s first full-length album and his second headlining tour, where he will be playing in a mixture of house concerts, LGBT centers, and other venues.

Clark explains that the album itself has a live feeling. “We have a live string quartet on eight of the songs. It brings it to life… this album is basically like a 3D version of my music. You would get the same feeling as you would with a live band performing.”

Along with the album, Clark is also excited about its first single “Practicing Lines”.

“The song is about a relationship that never ends despite the fact that both people involved, as well as everyone around them, knows and feels that it should’ve been over a long time ago. They keep it up because it’s convenient and no one wants to break up and go out of their comfort zone,” Clark said.

Clark plans on spending the next six to nine months trying to get the single on the radio, and a second single will probably come out next year.

“I would like this album to be the face of Jeremiah Clark for the next couple of years,” Clark said.

Clark on being Christian and Out

Born and raised in Memphis, Clark started putting together his first demo when he was twelve with the support of his family, who are also into music. When he was younger, he was involved with his church and youth groups, inspiring his first album to be in the contemporary Christian genre, which he recorded during the summer of his sophomore and junior years.

“It’s interesting because I knew that being gay and being Christian wasn’t okay—especially in a Baptist church—so I thought it [writing music in that genre] would be a temporary thing,” he explained.

Despite such, Clark’s roots have proven to help him as an artist. “I still like listening to Christian music because there’s so much conviction in it. I still relate to it. Other people do, too, because it still has a true conviction that you don’t always have on Pop radio.

Clark was struggling between “being a teenager, rebellious, Christian and gay. I came out unofficially when I was 14 but went back in the closet because I was so involved in the church,” Clark said. Being gay and so involved in the church “really transformed my writing into something much more raw, passionate, darker and heavier than a typical Christian song. This music was more contemplative and expressing what I was going through as a teenager and dealing with being gay.

“The albums themselves have been extremely well-received by the LGBT community, but also, a large part of my fan base is heterosexual, and some of them are even Republican,” Clark says that a lot of his music is about love and loss, relationships, and everything else that people go through.

Touring the Country

Last year, Clark and a fellow musician, Tom Goss, went on the Big Spring Tour together. The two had met via MySpace when Goss was looking to do a show with someone.

“He was a couple of steps ahead of me, so him sharing his experience with me helped me learn from some of his past mistakes. We’ve remained really good friends since and play music together quite a bit,” Clark explained. “Touring itself was an incredible experience. It’s such a wonderful way of meeting people and sharing your music. You get to manage your schedule and take the time to enjoy things, but it’s not quite like a vacation because you’re only in a city for one or two days at most.”

Clark hopes to reach a large demographic of people and embrace new markets and a new fan base with this tour. He also plans on playing at a lot of house concerts, which he likes because it’s an intimate experience for everyone.

“If people want to host a house concert I’d be very open to that,” Clark said.

In the meantime, he wants to continue building and growing as a musician. He plans on constantly improving and is focusing on his upcoming tour.

The Public House Concert is located at 119 24th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122 on Sunday, June 19. It’s a 21+ event with the doors opening at 6 pm. The show starting at 7 pm and a suggested donation of $10. For more information on Jeremiah Clark and his music, please visit his website at

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