7 Things You Should Still Be Doing While Quarantined

Being quarantined makes it really easy for us to let go a little. If you live with one or two people, they’re probably already used to your bad habits like going a day or two without showering or listening to Nickelback (not ironically). If you’re flying solo, you might be taking this opportunity to be picking your nose and not wash your hands after, wearing the same clothes since the St. Patrick’s Day, and eating bacon mayonnaise straight out of the jar.

Just because you can do these things doesn’t mean that you should – and you’ll feel better if you don’t. That said, here are 7 things that you should definitely still be doing while quarantined:

1. Maintaining Good Hygiene

You’ve self-quarantined. That’s great, but with poor hygiene, you’re still making yourself more susceptible to viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. The gastrointestinal diseases alone can make up a list long enough to make you forget that the Real Housewives of Orange County has had 14 seasons. Yes, that is a thing that we as a society have allowed to happen. And also yes, watching it makes for a phenomenal drinking game. 

Poor hygiene can have mental and emotional consequences as well. It’s a sign of self-neglect – when you’re unwilling or unable to attend to your personal needs. Granted, it could just be you being lazy – at least at first – but if it’s prolonged you may come down with depression or a psychotic disorder. These times are hard enough without you making things worse for yourself, so keep up with that hygiene.

2. Wear Pants

I said it in my time management post and I’ll say it again: merely putting on clothes that you’d wear to work or when running errands can help immensely. It puts you in a productive mindset, motivating you to do more than being tempted to watch those 14 seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County. Save that for nighttime. It’s a delight.

For extra credit, you can buy a new pair of pants with the money you’ve saved by not going out anywhere. Here’s a whole list of 65 online shopping sites – I’m sure one or two of them sell pants. For extra extra credit, check out Alison Herber’s website. She’s a men’s personal stylist based out of Bellevue, Washington. She can definitely help you find pants.


3. Getting Fresh Air

We’re stuck indoors, but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t get some fresh air. In fact, getting fresh air is really good for you. It’s been shown to improve your blood pressure and heart rate, can strengthen your immune system, and even helps with food digestion. Since we’re all indoors and drastically reducing our carbon footprint, the air is that much sweeter these days. Enjoy it while we got it. 

4. Getting Your Steps In/Exercising in General

During my first week of being quarantined, I clocked in 1/5th of my usual weekly steps. My pedometer was angry, my workout apps were asking me if I gave up on life, and I put on the covid-5. Exercising has become a little more difficult now that we’re all inside – but it’s not impossible. Awesome personal trainers like Laura Su of LS Training have been putting together workouts on their websites on and Instagram pages.

There are also plenty of great workout apps to try. Check out Six Pack Abs and do one of their 30-day challenges. Home Workout has a whole list of full-body workouts to try. Both of these apps are free and don’t require any equipment that you don’t already have. 

5. Eating Healthy

Sure you can Uber Eats anything you want, but while you’re at home anyway, take advantage of this time and cook for yourself every now and then. If you don’t know how to cook, there are these things called Google and YouTube. You should really check them out sometimes.

Amber Horn of Cultivated Wellness can give you a few tips on nutrition as well. Check out her blog and make that pizza frittata. It’s delicious!

6. Learning/Trying New Things

Got some extra time on your hands? Now’s the perfect time you learn how to do something new (and again, you should really check out this new site called YouTube. I think it’s gonna be a thing!). Animal Crossing seems to be a big thing right now – and I know that as soon as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows up on April 10th I will be ignoring all of you. 

There are plenty of other new things to try that don’t involve staring at a screen as well. Here’s a list of 50 new hobbies to get you started. 

7. Don’t Be Socially Distant

I really wish they called it ‘physical distancing’ instead. When we’re alone is sometimes when we need others the most – and being quarantined is no exception. Take time every day to call a family member or close friend. Download Zoom, do virtual happy hours, and get your FaceTime in. Get creative and play games like Jackbox online. Talk about all of those shows that you’ve been watching and try out new ones separately – but together. 

We’re might not be able to hang out in person, but that doesn’t mean that we should be distant. Find a new and creative way to show someone that you love them every day. You’ll feel better for it, and so will they. 

What are some new hobbies that you’ve picked up under quarantine? Tell us about what you’ve been up to below.

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