Chapter 1: Tia

Tia   “Prince Edward kept a hand on the hilt of his sword and slowly crossed the room, wary of the cracks in the mortar and stone as he approached three chalices,” Father read. “Each of them sat atop a pillar older than the cracked walls, as though the tower was built to surround them. […]

Chapter 2: Riles

Riles   Seven years later, a boy of eight woke up to the loud creaks of the front door. He laid quietly as the door shut again and listened to the clomping of boots stagger across the living room floor. The intruder slowly navigated through the dark, trying to avoid bumping into any of the […]

Chapter 3: Koston

Koston   The ecstasy of his release was much needed. Koston’s breath escaped him as he pulled himself out of his younger lover and took to the pillows beside him, drenched in his own musky sweat. Damien rolled onto his back, smiling from ear to ear. “Good gods that was extraordinary!” Koston agreed and went […]

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