Messengers Chapter 1

1.    Robert     Robert Baselton had a hard time looking at his girlfriend without staring at the sable haze of the Messenger looming in the hallway shadows. Its eyes were absent in a pair of harrowing sockets as black as a starless sky; its skull protruded through a dark mist that filled the hall. […]

Messengers Chapter 2

2.    Alexis     Alexis Kearns charged back into the lobby of the downtown station. Forester was walking fast, but there was no getting away from her. “That’s a lie, and you know it!” She caught the attention of an elderly couple and several officers when she made her declaration. She must have looked sophomoric […]

Messengers: Chapter 3

3.      Robert     Jamie Miller was absent from English class that day. The teenage girl was in her stead and sat in on the classes as a reminder that while he was learning, someone was dying. In calculus she sat directly in front of him, so he had to peer through her to see […]

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