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I would be lying if I said that I’m not bashful about creating this site.  While not necessarily shy, I only had acquaintances until 8th grade when my neighbor, Amanda Troyer, thought I was friend-worthy.  Before then it was just myself and the pages I filled. Writing is and has always been a very personal, very large part of my life.  When someone says to me “Tell me about your book(s)” or “What are your books about?” what many don’t realize is that they’re asking me very intimate details about myself.

​​No, I’m not a medium, or the captain of the Cardeau guard,​ but through these people and every other character that I’ve ever written about reside pieces of myself: past thoughts, experiences that I’ve had, and dreams accomplished or forgotten.   It’s taken me a lifetime to grow confident enough in my own works to share them with the world, and it’s taken a great deal of research and inspiration for me to enter a publishing arena in its current state, but this is the best time for me to do it.  My characters are jumping at the bit to tell their stories to other people, and I’m ready to let them.

​​I write because I enjoy to tell stories, but I also write to connect with people.  In this day and age with social media being about who you know, I actually want to know people, and I want people to know me.   Right now I’m a bartender, and I have been bartender for (oh, Christ) 7 years because I love the human interaction and because it gives me all this free time during the day to mold this career that I have been building for my entire life so that I can show people who I really am.  I would love to know you better in return.

​​I’m not asking you to buy any of my books (although sales are ALWAYS welcome :P), but I welcome your feedback so that I may continue to grow both as a person and as a writer.  If there are things you like or don’t like about this site, any of my stories, or if I unknowingly go astray, I will wish for you to tell me.  Conversations and criticisms are the only ways we grow, and I enjoy receiving both.  That said, welcome to the new site!

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